Pancake Mix Playdough


When I was taking stock of things in my pantry, I noticed we had an expired box of pancake mix. I don’t think we used the stuff much anyway. I bought it on a whim and made pancakes once and that was it. I did, however, keep it aside for Peach, knowing we’d find something fun to do with it, like making playdough! We made home made playdough in the past, but never with something as exciting as old pancake mix.

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Shaving Cream Paint


Shaving cream paint?

After being introduced to it by Anna, over at The Imagination Tree, I couldn’t wait to try it out with my Peach. Like most toddlers, Peach is an avid painter.  She is instantly drawn to all things colourful.  This was a super cheap way to keep her busy and let her indulge in some colourful sensory play.

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